AutoTracker™ Satellite Tracking and Tuning Controller

The AutoTracker satellite antenna tracking and tuning controller is an external hardware interface that connects to an RS-232 serial port of your IBM PC (or compatible), or Macintosh computer, and to your rotator controller and ground station radio equipment. The AutoTracker interface allows automatic tracking control of your satellite antenna array, and automatic frequency control of your radio equipment, under the control of the host computer/tracking program.

The AutoTracker interface is compact and can be placed in any convenient location within the satellite operating position. The AutoTracker interface can be connected directly to the Yaesu G5400B and G5500 rotator controllers. It can also be connected to other rotator types using external relays (no rotator interface required!) 

The AutoTracker interface will control automatic doppler shift frequency compensation for both analog and digital satellite operation. The basic AutoTracker interface controls your radio(s) via the the up/down mic-click interface. An option serial port control allows you to control your radio(s) via the radios serial computer port. The AutoTracker serial port interface is compatible with most radio types including the Kenwood TS-790, Icom IC-820/821 and Yaesu FT-736 and FT-847. The serial control option is user installed, and can be added to the AutoTracker interface at anytime.

The AutoTracker interface works in conjunction with tracking software running on the host computer. Tracking programs which currently support the AutoTracker interface include WinTrak Pro, a Windows based tracking program, RealTrak, a DOS based tracking program, WiSP, a Windows based digital satellite control program, and MacDopplerPro, a Macintosh satellite tracking program.

AutoTracker™ Features

  • Automatic Control of Yaesu G5400B and G5500 rotors 

  • Serial Port Frequency Control - supports Yaesu FT-736/847, Icom IC-820/821
     and Kenwood TS-790 

  • "Mic-click" Doppler Frequency Compensation - 2 Independent Ports 

  • Front Panel LED status Indicators 

  • Compatible with DOS/Windows or Macintosh Computers 

  • Compatible with Digital Satellite Program WiSP 

  • Does Not Require a PC Expansion Slot 

  • Wide Operating Voltage (10 - 20VDC)

  • Easy Setup and Installation

AutoTracker™ Price List

AutoTracker Tracking/Tuning Interface (Basic): $ 229.95 US
Serial Port Radio Tuning Option: $ 39.95
Radio Interface Cable (specify radio): $14.95
12VDC Wall Transformer: $14.95
Serial Communication Cable (PC or Mac.): $ 14.95
Yaesu Rotator Interface Cable: $ 19.95 

to Download the AutoTracker™ Users Manual